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MadBull release Checkmate Compensator
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Officially licensed by firearms accessories company Strike Industries, an airsoft edition of the Checkmate Compensator is now available for purchase thanks to  [ ... ]

Hephaestus to make custom US PALM AK30 Magazines
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Hephaestus from Hong Kong have announced they will produce, albeit in limited quantity, custom US Primary Armament Logistical Manufacturing AK30 magazines for  [ ... ]

WGC Shop test GHK M4 GBB Prototype
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WGC Shop recently made public their test fire session of GHK's prototype M4 GBB replica, expelling 200 rounds from five magazines downrange in full-auto with m [ ... ]

NPO-AEG release VSK-94
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After NPO-AEG from Russia had released their 9A-91 carbine assault rifle replica in March 2014, the suppressed sniper variant: VSK-94 seemed certain to follow. [ ... ]

MadBull reveal PLR-16
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A Kel-Tec CNC Industries PLR-16 replica had been promised by MadBull Airsoft since SHOT Show 2012, recent pictures from the airsoft manufacturer now suggest th [ ... ]

Fox Airsoft tour ICS Factory
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Jarrod and Matt of airsoft shop Fox Airsoft offer a unique insight of I Chih Shivan Enterprise Co., Ltd. in their recorded tour of the company's factory in Tai [ ... ]

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Systema release Kumi Motor
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Systema Engineering hardly necessitates an introduction, the company is synonymous with perfection and its Professional Training Weapons series has long enjoyed unmatched superiority; newly debuted "K [ ... ]

ASGK Festival & Victory Show 2014 Report
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The ASGK Festival & Victory Show were held jointly at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center in Japan this past Sunday March 30, 2014; the premier military antique collectors event, sponso [ ... ]

Hephaestus OTs-14 Suppressor Displayed
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Hephaestus, in support of their released OTs-14 Groza replica, have been steadily releasing accessories for the bullpup assault rifle; a dummy suppressor and mount base appear to be the next add-on pr [ ... ]

Airsoft Medicine March 2014 Podcast
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Dr. Airsoft (Mark Vaughan, M.D.) and Rangemaster Larry Finney give an update on California Senate Bill 199, discuss how not to connect batteries to an APS brand PMC AK47, and speculate about paintball [ ... ]

IWA OutdoorClassics 2014 Report
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IWA OutdoorClassics successfully took place this past weekend 7-10 March 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany with airsoft companies ActionSportGames, Airsoft Specialist, BO Manufacture, Silverback Airsoft, I [ ... ]

NPO-AEG release 9A-91
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NPO-AEG from Russia announced their 9A-91 carbine assault rifle replica should reach dealers by March 2014; according to U.S. based airsoft distributor Atacka, the model will be priced just below 1000 [ ... ]

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