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Angry Gun to make LVOA AR Rail
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Angry Gun in Hong Kong recently announced they will replicate the LVOA (Low Visibility Operations Application) AR Rail by War Sport Industries.

Systema Kumi Motor Copied
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Systema Engineering and its innovative creations are predisposed to appropriation by airsoft manufacturers due to their superior performance, efficiency, and d [ ... ]

Urgent Fury - Hungary 2014
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Since roughly one year now the Team of the Combat Center Lenti  is preparing this years main Event the “OP Urgent Fury” which is going to take Place in Au [ ... ]

Model Work Airsoft release M40A3 Stocks
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Model Work Airsoft from Taiwan have announced the impending release of their nylon fiber / hard rubber M40A3 stocks for VSR-10, Tanaka/KJW, and Classic Army M2 [ ... ]

AAC Honey Badger PDW from Ares
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The AAC Honey Badger PDW in caliber .300 AAC Blackout, produced by Freedom Group subsidiary Advanced Armament Corporation, is a convenient subsonic velocity ca [ ... ]

SAT make TM M870 High Output Valve
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Aftermarket airsoft parts manufacturer Soldat Airsoft Taiwan have uploaded a promotional video for their upcoming high performance output valve for the Tokyo M [ ... ]

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Victory Show 2014 Report
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The 73rd Victory Show, a military sales event exclusively organized by Sam's Militariya, was held this past June 29, 2014 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center in Japan.

EbairSoft M870 Magpul Shotgun Released
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EbairSoft's custom Remington Model 870 shotgun, with Magpul accessories in black and dark earth color, is now available for purchase.

Airsoft Medicine June 2014 Podcast
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Following a brief hiatus filled with comedy short productions and weddings, Dr. Airsoft (Mark Vaughan, M.D.) and Rangemaster Larry Finney are back with their latest Airsoft Medicine podcast, appropria [ ... ]

AAC MPW now Available
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An airsoft replica of the Advanced Armament Corporation MPW rifle, made possible by manufacturers RA-Tech and Svoboda, will soon release through online shop Airsoft Taiwan.

Cybergun release FNX-45 Tactical
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Informally leaked at SHOT Show 2014, formally introduced at IWA 2014, and now set for imminent release, the licensed gas blow-back Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal FNX-45 pistol is available for pre-order [ ... ]

PMM, M84, P99, P38 & PLR-16 Revealed
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About five gas blow-back pistols have surfaced on the airsoft forum, each allegedly manufactured by WE Model Co., Ltd; the models revealed this past week include the Makarov PMM, Beretta [ ... ]

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