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SCDTV Review Bolt B4A1 Sopmod


Straszydlo Combatientes Desperados Review Division in Poland have uploaded their full review of the BOLT brand B4A1 Sopmod on their YouTube channel. The version 2 gearbox replica deviates from other Armalites due to its Bolt Recoil Shock System, whereby movement of the internal piston consequently moves an attached recoil spring and weight, situated within the AEG's buffer tube, producing recoil.[1] Constructed of aluminum and polymer, the Taiwan made model is proven skirmish worthy and in general a pleasure to fire in any temperature. The felt kick of the B4A1 Sopmod is less than that of a gas blow back replica, however the SCDTV duo conclude that the benefit of such enhanced recoil will discourage any airsoft enthusiast from returning to their standard AEG platform.


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[Photo] SCDTV
[1] SCDTV YouTube

Article written by PolishLad

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