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S&T behind MG 42 AEG


As reported in previous Airsoft2day articles, multiple companies over the past half decade have attempted, in vain, to introduce an economical MG 42 into the airsoft market; hobby shops in Japan now confirm Smart Team International Industrial LTD as responsible for the current models in circulation. Stores such as Echigoya and Judgment now join Evike and Gunfire in selling the general purpose machine gun for about 80,000 Yen (797 USD).[1] Meanwhile, Shoei, longstanding Japanese airsoft manufacturer of quality MG 42 HPA models, recently announced the development of its own AEG replica; releasing a trial video on YouTube just last week. These two, along with Ultima in Hong Kong, represent the current providers of MG 42 models; although all three offerings are priced above the budget of most airsoft enthusiasts, more affordable replicas from mainland China are rumored to be released in the future.


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[Photo] Judgement
[1] Echigoya

Article written by PolishLad

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