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Airsoft Innovations at SHOT Show 2014


Inventor Carlton Chong of Airsoft Innovations utilized SHOT Show 2014 as a means to help advance a shotgun project that has been in development for the past three years. Based in Canada, Airsoft Innovations is known for their Tornado Grenade and GunGas series of products, unfortunately restrictive local laws concerning replica firearms have forced the company to seek outside help to bring their internal shotgun system to market. A crude proof of concept was presented to Airsoft2day outside of the Sands Expo and Convention Center; with the design itself hidden, the idea of a small gas powered engine capable of fitting into any airsoft shotgun and firing 16 bbs, each at about 350 fps, through one barrel was nevertheless effectively demonstrated.

Already successfully fitted inside a Remington M870 replica, the design's compact size and modularity opens many possibilities for other pump-action platforms as well. One such hypothetical airsoft shotgun, for example, could feature a folding stock and low-profile spring-loaded bb magazine tube. Airsoft Innovations would really have limited influence on another party's chosen replica, but when asked which model the company would like to see their engine incorporate into most, Carlton replied: "Kel-Tec KSG". As innovative and ambitious as the project may be, it will need the support of the airsoft community in order for an airsoft manufacturer to adopt it; to help, individuals can contact various reputable airsoft brands and communicate to them that a genuine interest for a gas powered shotgun, with Carlton's system, does exist.


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Article written by PolishLad
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#1 Matt J » 2014-02-19 20:21

Interesting new shotgun there. Wasn't at the SHOT show myself but heard of some great new discoveries. Carlton Chong has some interesting ideas alright.
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Matt J

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