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KWA at SHOT Show 2014


KWA Performance Industries, Inc. were arguably the highlight of SHOT Show 2014 for many correspondents, but while the company certainly unveiled the most products, something seemed amiss. Former employees Allen Lau, Michael Hou, and Hikaru Okamura had recently left the company to join KRISS Group SA: Krytac and legal proceedings with KRISS Arms over the Vector SMG GBB & AEG have yet to be concluded, not to mention the Sphinx SDP Compact pistol replica that was revealed last year; nevertheless, two licensed KRISS Vectors in black and tan color were proudly on display with staff still asserting, as they had in June 2013, their right to sell the models.

The Makarov and Skorpion vz. 61 gas blow-back replicas had initially been revealed at SHOT Show 2012 and at the Toy Gun Fiesta 2013 event respectively, though it was still good to see the models in person; especially the latter with the 40 round capacity magazine to supplement the standard 21 round capacity magazine.

As for debuted products, gas blow-back replications of the ATP Compact, CZ 75 Auto, MP40, and KME45C were introduced, perhaps for the first time. Now the Adaptive Training Pistol Compact is not a direct replica of any real firearm, rather it is a muscle memory tool featuring details found on various handguns. Like its released full sized and automatic variants, the aluminum alloy slide/polymer frame ATP Compact sports an accessory rail, 3-dot combat sights, and front & rear side serrations; it does not support interchangeable back straps however. At least three airsoft manufacturers have replicated the Czech Republic CZ 75 pistol, KSC/KWA however may be the first to offer the selective fire variant: CZ 75 Automatic; of full metal construction, the pistol features a longer barrel, extended 40 round capacity magazine, and a 23 round capacity magazine that furthermore functions as a foregrip. Both the ATP Compact and CZ 75 Automatic, as well as the Makarov and Skorpion vz. 61, are scheduled to be released within the year.

The best for last, KWA brought two prototype replicas to the show, the first being the MP40 GBB. Featuring a full metal receiver with synthetic furniture, the black and bakelite colored submachine gun fires in full auto mode only; at a muzzle velocity of 380 fps. An additional detail to note is that it also possesses a threaded barrel with thread protector. Finally the KWA Multi-Engagement .45 Compact is a gas blow-back ambidextrous bullpup concept project that reportedly does not exist as a real firearm. The model features a hollow pistol grip storage compartment and an easily accessible hop-up dial located on the rear of the buttstock; unofficially, it will accept both short and long type KRISS Vector magazines upon release. Unfortunately, the KME45C and MP40 were not given estimated prices nor release dates; purportedly, they will not be available until next year or even longer still. This concludes but a general synopsis of KWA Performace Industries, Inc. for SHOT Show 2014; for more information about the company, please visit their website.


For video coverage of the KWA Performance Industries, Inc. booth visit: & &



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