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KWA Super V KRISS GBB - Evike fools the Airsoft World!


According to Evike, KWA has a new working prototype of the Super V KRISS GBB. It comes with a 440mm or 640mm barrel, an integrated flash light and of course some sweet KRISS markings, fully licensed by Umarex. Three different firing modes are available: Semi / Two-Round Burst / Full Auto. The new NS3 Gas Systems allows you to plug your IPad to control the FPS and RPS. Simply set a FPS value between 10 and 3.000 FPS... wait a minute!! 3.000 FPS? OK all that “IPad plug-in thing” was very futuristic, but here we really started to plug in our brains. It's just an evil marketing joke? No KRISS?[1] Heart breaking moments for many airsoft players out there, we guess! However the marketing “campaign” will sure pay off, as everybody is speaking about it and a lot of feelings are involved. Thank you Evike, you made men cry!


[Photo] YouTube, EvikeTV
[1] KWA

Article written by Wladimir
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#1 Loops » 2011-11-12 22:02

If they had reasonable international shipping rates like GI or good customer service or it was an April fools joke I might have found this video comical but instead Evike comes off like a bunch of arrogant blowhards who released this on a day when we should be remembering our veterans.
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#2 Reality » 2012-05-13 15:17

O.K. do some more history on this and watch the Evike video on this again. They where joking and said it would be cool to have on it, maybe a possibility. Then he laughed and obviously it was a joke just like what the guys on Airsoftmeagastore do so listen better before you mouth off and make a trolling post that others have to come up behind you and clear up your mistakes.
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