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The Ares Beryl Has Arrived

M1996 Beryl AEG

The long awaited training replica of the Polish M1996 Beryl Assault Rifle has arrived and Airsoft2day is one of the few who know where to find it!

Airsoft enthusiasts and militaria fans have waited for this opportunity for years: a modern, faithfully executed, full-scope military training capable, including tactical, initial marksmanship and CQB training, replica of the 5.56mm M1996 Beryl Assault Rifle. Manufactured by ARES, the airsoft Beryl replicates the Polish Army's assualt rifle in every aspect; though it cannot accept the internal parts needed to make it a real functional firearm, the Beryl ASG is fully compatible with original non-essential Beryl parts such as the stock, hand guard, and other external aesthetic parts. In addition, the weight, mass distribution, materials used, all contribute to offer an extraordinarily faithful representation of the Polish standard individual weapon" [1].

The Beryl ASG has come a long way in its development, to recount:

"Fabryka Broni, [the manufacturer of the real Beryl], teamed up with during the 19th MSPO fair in Kielce to organize the official premiere of the new M1996 Beryl assault rifle ASG replica and provide the visitors with a hands-on testing at the airsoft shooting range adjacent to the main FB booth in Bumar pavilion. The latter proved a big hit, attracting more than a 1000 shooters throughout the four days of the fair and many inquiries from people interested in using these for safe weapons training and simply for fun. The ASG replica was intended mostly for the Polish Army for safe indoor training, but of course civilian purchases by ASG aficionados are most welcome as well. The civilian premiere of the ASG Beryl was held right after the fair, during Krakow's 'Syndicate Wars' convention, held between September 9 and 11, 2011, where the convention attendees were able to test the prototype and voice their opinions" [2].


Airsoft Beryl AEGBeryl Airsoft  AEG

The final replica now features a unique serial number, authentic FB Radom etched trademarks, a folding stock, high-end Version 3 gearbox with 8mm bearings that, when combined with the improved M120 spring, bring its muzzle velocity up to the 300-400FPS range, depending on individual country laws. Other notable characteristics of the Beryl ASG include a standard precision 6.03mm inner barrel, fast spring exchange, steel upper and lower receiver, and a deans battery connector for standard stick-type and LiPo batteries.



Listed as "available soon" for most countries, enthusiasts will be happy to know that they can purchase the Beryl ASG now from Polish retailers, namely For 1,890.PLN, 432 EURO, or 552 USD, you get the ARES Beryl, a proprietary 300 round high-capacity magazine (mid-cap magazines will be available soon), and a manual. After many years of enthusiasts converting their airsoft Kalashnikovs into imperfect Beryls, Ares has at last produced the first Polish AEG replica.

For more information visit:


[Photo] Airsoft2day
[1] Fabryka Broni
[2] Fabryka Broni

Article written by PolishLad
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#1 Loops » 2012-02-12 17:33

Sounds sweet. The fact that it has the quick change spring and tight bore barrel is a huge bonus. I like the version shown in the photo on the bottom left. If it features an electric blowback I hope it's not as lame sounding as their G36 series and more like the echo1/Cyma AK's.
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