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Kbk wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl ASG Confirmed


Trade and Marketing Manager for Fabryka Broni, Sebastian Babula, confirmed in an interview with that a compact version of the Beryl would follow after the standard model's release. The real 5,56 mm Karabinek Krotki wz. 1996, or "short carbine model 1996" was developed by Fabryka Broni "Lucznik" in Radom, Poland. It proved to be so useful to Polish Armed Forces that the modernized Karabinek Beryl Commando, set to replace the preliminary Beryl, became unnecessary.


The airsoft replica of the Mini-Beryl, like the standard ASG Beryl, will be compatible with aftermarket parts such as an RIS hand guard, M4-type stock, transparent magazine, and top rail; these parts will be designed from the original parts made by Fabryka Broni, but manufacturered by Ares to lower pricing. However, since the Beryl ASG, covered in a separate article, is externally identical in design to the real polish firearm, it will accept real furniture and accessories. Though no price or release date was given at SHOT Show, Sebastian Babula did suggest that there is a good chance the replica will be revealed at IWA 2012.


[1] Sebastian Babula, Trade and Marketing Manager for Fabryka Broni "Lucznik"

Article written by PolishLad

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