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BBBastard stops selling silica BBs

BBBastard clear silica BBs 0.28g


BBBastard[1], the Canadian BB manufacturer, released a video explaining the dangers of their clear silica BBs. They did some tests and found that theses BBs are not safe to shoot at players in airsoft games. Despite their usefulness for target shooting, BBBastard will now stop selling these BBs altogether to prevent any unintented or careless misuse.

Some time ago other manufacturer's clear BBs have already been suspected to be unsafe for play and people have reported about shot through glass and even broken metal receivers due to the use of these BBs. At that time those manufacturers did not reveal their components but it was highly suspected to be silica as well. Silica (SiO2) is the main compontent of glass and in nature it is usually found in the form of quartz. Its hardness prevents the silica BBs from deforming upon impact, therefore transfering more energy onto the target. Targets that are way softer including most skin areas usually deform themselves and absorb the impact energy, making little difference regarding BB materials. But those targets with a similar hardness, like glass, are much more prone to breaking with silica BBs.

According to BBBastard the biggest danger is not even the possible breaking of safety glasses, which are made out of less brittle polycarbonate, but the way these BBs shatter actual glass, creating tiny shards and powder which can still find their way into the eyes when the goggles are not completely sealed. This can especially be problematic when optics are shot, which are usually close to the face.


[1] BBBastard
[1] BBBastard (youtube)

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