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Airsoft Medicine - SB 1315 and what you can do!

senate bill 798 assembly public safety committee hearing guide

Dr. Airsoft just uploaded a new episode. Get up to date on airsoft-related legislation currently proposed in 4 US states.  Be sure to write, call, and/or visit your state senators if you live in California or New Jersey.

SB 1315 is scheduled to come before the California State Senate Public Safety Committee April 17, 2012. Please call the list of State Senators below if you are a California voter. You may use the script below. Most of the time you will just leave a message. Senator Price's office may ask you for alternatives to this bill. One alternative is to work together with the industry to have requirements of the retailers selling these guns so airsoft specialty stores have an advantage over big box stores.[1]

You can find the list of State Senators here:


To download the new episode find it on iTunes or visit:


Airsoftmedicine YouTube Channel:

Source: Dr. Airsoft

Article written by Wladimir

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