Airsoft Howitzer with Nerf Munition

OK this is a video we definitely have to show you! That’s what happens if an airsoft player gets a little bored: He builds a giant potato cannon shooting Nerf ammunition! Try this at home!*

*We are not responsible for any damage, injuries or a lot of fun!

Source: ZEUKI1, YouTube

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Article written by Wladimir
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#1 Wladimir » 2011-08-17 17:27

New video added!

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#2 Mike blitzkreig Weckwerth » 2011-08-30 16:39

what is that buckshot round made of

Mike blitzkreig Weckwerth
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#3 Wufter » 2011-08-30 17:07

wow, that’s amazing, i want to make one now

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#4 Jack » 2011-08-30 18:00

Directions on how to make??????

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#5 Ryan » 2011-08-30 19:57

That howitzer is so boss.

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#6 Daniel Downes » 2011-08-30 21:52

what a bit of kit, dam im so intrested in building something like this, however can i ask what kind of joint did you use to mount the gun ontop of, was it a standard ball joint ??

Daniel Downes
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#7 Alex » 2011-09-01 23:22

I actually planed on building something like this, how much did this cost in materials, ballpark

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#8 Chris Hibbeler » 2011-09-26 11:49

Awesome work, would be great in milsim games, would love to see this in action!

Keep up the great work!


Chris Hibbeler
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#9 sleifer » 2011-09-27 14:36

ohhh, I’d love a tutorial on how to make the big one 🙂 imagine this with airsoft-one-use-handgrenades as projectiles